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Random Number Generators in Casino Games

Random Number Generators (RNGs in short) make it possible for punters to enjoy online gambling. Be it free casino games or games played for real money; RNGs ensure random outcomes. It is important for SA gamblers to have a basic understanding of RNGs. This is even more so for punters who are sceptical about online casino fairness. Read on for more on Random Number Generators.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators Defined

Random number generators are computational devices which are used to generate symbols or number sequences that cannot be predicted reasonably. In fact, outcomes determined by an RNG can only be predicted correctly due to chance.

The Use of RNGs at Online Casinos

In order for online casinos to operate their games fairly, they need methods of randomly generating data. So, a credible online casino with fair games will make use of Random Number Generators. Online casino games played against the software such as slots, roulette, dice games and card games require the use of an RNG. On the other hand, live dealer casino games do not require RNGs because the dealer operates an actual table.

Auditing of Random Number Generators

Independent testing agencies such as eCOGRA audit their certified online casinos. These audits include assessing the Random Number Generator used by the South African online gambling site’s software provider. After accreditation has been awarded by the licensing body, the report of the online casino’s audit is published. The testing agency’s assessment includes randomness reviews of the casino’s games as well a payout percentage report.

Online Casino Random Number Generation

RNGs are a vital part of online casinos. These computational devices are part of casino game software. So, gamblers in South Africa can expect complete fairness when playing at credible online casinos which are powered by leading software providers. If punters still worry about the accuracy of RNG, they can check whether their preferred online casino has been audited by an independent testing agency.